who are we?

Extraordinary Gentlemen has been founded in Guild Wars 2 during the 3 days headstart. We started out from scratch with as goal to build a large active social community.

During the process of building the guild, we expanded ourselves in different categories of the game such as raiding, World versus World and player versus Player. From there on, we started to host daily events for every members needs and joined a giant alliance on Desolation.

Nowadays we keep growing every day, thanks to our members efforts and ambitions where we continue to focus on the social part of the guild - read more..

who are we?

Being one of the first guilds around in Dragon Nest SEA, we had a goal to create a social community who enjoys playing the game together while getting the job done.

EXG focusses not on one but all content of the game. This includes raiding, guild war and PvP. We have been known for our various server-wide events such as the screenshot contest and Movember. While our name say's it all, we are recruiting exceptional members only to maintain our quality inguild.

With our large memberbase, quality and various achievements, we will continue to grow and chase our dream of building a social community - read more..

Official EXG Logo

Extraordinary Gentlemen is an international guild that focusses on the social community aspect of the games we play. We believe the majority focusses on performance too much where they tend to forget what online gaming is all about - community.

We play on our own therms and get the job done without losing our goal out of sight. We love to be unique in our very own way. While we are international, we have members residing from all over the world in every cornerexg Logo

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you're ready

Extraordinary Gentlemen are always on the lookout for prospective members. Are you still in search for that one guild that makes your gaming time worthwile?

As we want to maintain our quality, we'd like to know as much as possible about our applicants before tossing an invite. This is done through our application form. The more we know about you, the more chance you have for an approval.

Be sure to click one of the icons for the respective games at the side, which will bring you to our forums. Register an account and fill in the application form to apply to Extraordinary Gentlemen.